Planning a fundraising event

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Planning a fundraising event

All the wisest fundraising sages agree: it’s important to plan your charity event in advance. So, here’s our advice about how to ensure your event is a success.

Event planning

When choosing the date, make sure it doesn’t clash with another event. Have a few dates in mind so you can choose which one best suits the availability of all your family and friends.

Make a list of everything you’re likely to need. Where will your event take place? What promotional material do you need? Who is your target audience? Will you need sponsorship cards or Concern t-shirts? 

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make sure you have enough people to support you during the event and to help you clear up afterwards.

Set a target

Whether you’re planning to break all fundraising records, or whether you have more modest ambitions, you should set yourself a target before you start. You should also take into account any costs you will have to face. Costs should not usually exceed 30% of the planned return. 

Get permission

If you plan to hold an event in a public place or organise a collection, get permission from your local council or police station. Contact us if you need advice and to keep us in the loop.

And most importantly…

Don’t forget to thank everyone involved! Let us know how you got on so we can say thank you too.

Image caption: Richard Sullivan and Jenny Curran at the Great Ethiopian Run 2011. Jenny raised money by dressing up as Santa for a month.