Kilimanjaro: a cherished challenge

In August, ten enthusiastic Concern Worldwide supporters took part in our Kilimanjaro trek. Together, this fantastic group raised a staggering £40,000 for our projects tackling hunger in rural communities in Tanzania.

Concern's 2013 Kilimanjaro trekkers.

Roof of Africa

Concern’s Caithlin Corrigan was one of the ten participants who tackled the steep climb up Mount Kilimanjaro to Uhuru peak, which is also known as “the roof of Africa.” And quite a “roof” it is at a jaw-dropping 5,986 metres high! She described the experience as “one of those adventures in life that I will be talking about for years to come.”

Walking with nature

The trek itself was a week-long challenge, covering a diverse range of terrains on a daily basis from rainforests to barren deserts, craggy rocks and glaciers. The scenic surroundings encountered along the way are nothing short of mesmerising.

Physical and emotional

Though, at times, the challenge was tough, the group kept their spirits up and helped each other along the way. Caithlin said:

The climb was not what I was expecting at all. You go through it all on Mount Kilimanjaro: excited, nervous, exhausted, elated. It’s an emotional rollercoaster never mind an intense physical challenge! The biggest challenge for me was the 17 hour summit day. Exhausted doesn’t cover it.

Making an impact

While the group was unanimous in describing the trek as an “unforgettable experience,” it is the fact that the money raised will make a huge impact to some of the world’s poorest people that made it most worthwhile. As Caithlin said:

As much as we all got out of it, I know that the families we have helped in Tanzania, with the £40,000 that we raised, have got so much more.

Join us

You can help even more families struggling with hunger by taking part in next year’s Kilimanjaro trek. It promises to be a captivating experience made all the more treasurable by the fact that you will be helping to change many lives for the better.

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