I’m afraid of zombies

I can’t deny it – I am now afraid of zombies.

I watched the video below to get a feel for our Run Zombie Run event and I’m frightened. You should be afraid too. Sign up for our event and you’ll be chased around a five kilometre long obstacle course by zombies.

Don’t expect slow gangrenous zombies either; our zombies will be fit, fast and frightening. You’ve been warned.

To chase, or be chased...

The best thing about the race? You can sign up to be chased by the zombies. Or, you can join the zombies and chase the runners. The choice is yours.

Ducking and diving

Trust us, races have never been this exhilarating! You’ll be desperately ducking, diving and weaving your way through obstacles, tunnels and plenty of mud. Oh, and did I mention, you’ll also be trying to escape the clutches of the zombies chasing you.

Need more persuasion? Just watch this video:

Image courtesy of Ewan Mcdowall.

Show Your Concern

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